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Managing a home in Greenwich, CT can almost be a full time job. Property management tasks such as power washing the patio, painting the house, or putting away patio furniture are hard to ignore, but there are several home maintenance needs that do. At Greenwich Home Management our property management team has put together a list of tasks that should be done on a regular basis to keep your appliances, mechanical equipment and home working efficiently and effectively.

Enrolling in our property management program can ensure these items are taken care of for you. Following are a few key home maintenance initiatives to keep an eye on.

Tree Limbs and Overgrown Plantings

Tree limbs can cause a lot of damage if they fall on the house, auxiliary buildings, or other plantings or trees. And overgrown shrubs that are too close to the house can inhibit airflow and lead to mold and/or rot on siding. The property management team at Greenwich Home Management can inspect the entire property at least once per year to determine if any trees need to be trimmed or plantings need to be trimmed or moved.

HVAC Inspection and Cleaning

Some homeowners don’t realize that inspecting and cleaning the HVAC system is critical to helping mechanical equipment operate at peak efficiency. In addition, this yearly home maintenance task can help equipment last longer. And finding and fixing minor issues can help avoid larger breakdowns before they become bigger, more expensive problems. AC systems should be inspected and cleaned once per year, around May. Heating system yearly maintenance should be completed around October.

Cleaning Refrigerator Condenser Coils

Putting this task off could reduce the life span of your refrigerator. Condenser coils run across the bottom or back of the unit. Over time they collect dust and pet hair. This clogs the vents and limits airflow. As a result the unit has to work harder to maintain the proper temperature. The fridge will then use more energy and more strain will be put on the mechanical components. Cleaning refrigerator coils is the type of chore that homeowners often avoid. That’s where Greenwich Home Management property management services come in. Tasks like this can be part of your regular, ongoing home maintenance plan.

Draining The Hot Water Heater

One of the leading causes of hot water heater failure is not draining the tank at least once per year. Sediment can settle at the bottom of the tank. When left in, the sediment can corrode the tank and cause it to leak. When the tank is full of sediment the equipment also has to work harder. This puts strain on the system that can reduce the life span of the unit.

Inspecting The Hot Water Heater Anode Rod

Hot water heaters have a sacrificial anode rod inside the tank. It works by attracting corrosive elements away from other parts of the tank. The anode rod should be inspected regularly and replaced once it becomes significantly deteriorated. The Greenwich Home Management property management team recommends inspecting hot water heaters once per year. During the inspecting we drain the tank and inspect the anode rod.

Chimney Cleaning

There’s nothing like relaxing in front of the fire on a cold winter day. Avoiding chimney cleaning, however, could result in a serious safety issue. Over time wood burning fires deposit soot and creosote inside the lining of the chimney. These elements are highly flammable. Too much buildup could cause a chimney fire. We recommend cleaning the chimney once per year.

Cleaning the Dryer Vent

Most know to clean the dryer lint trap after each run. This allows airflow to effectively move through the dryer. The equipment has to work harder and takes longer to dry clothes when clogged. The same rule applies to the vent pipe itself. Lint can build up inside the pipe. This restricts airflow as it works to push air out. More importantly, a dryer vent full of lint can be a serious safety issue. Lint is extremely flammable and can ignite while the machine is running. The Greenwich Home Management property management team cleans dryer vents by using special brushes with a long extension.

In Conclusion

Making sure your home is properly maintained will help the investments that you make last longer, and keep things running more efficiently. Some homeowners keep lists of essential home maintenance tasks to check off throughout the year. For those that would rather spend their free time being with family and friends, Greenwich Home Management offers full service property management services for Greenwich Homeowners. We provide one point of contact for all of your home maintenance needs.

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