Residential Property Management And Home Construction Factors Unique to The Greenwich, CT Area

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Every section of the country has its unique challenges when it comes to home maintenance, renovations, new construction and residential property management. Weather, geography, vegetation, and permitting all play a role. So what do you need to think about when considering how to manage property and/or renovate in the town of Greenwich? There are several unique attributes of Greenwich in particular that makes it a challenge. These same factors also make it a privilege to live here. Let’s take a look. 


The Greenwich, CT area has unique landscape features that can make renovation, new construction and landscaping a bit of a challenge. The area has a lot of ledge, for example. This specific issue has been a thorn in the side of Greenwich homebuilders, residential property management companies and homeowners for years. Ledge in the ground makes it very hard to dig for a pool or basement foundation. Growing grass, trees and plantings can also be difficult unless you’re able to get enough soil over it to allow for proper root growth. Blasting the ledge is typically the solution when looking to dig deep into the ground.

Waterfront Property

Having a relationship with an experienced Greenwich area homebuilder and maintenance professional will be key when looking to build and maintain a waterfront property. The land in the area typically has a high water table and so drainage and redirection of water is key for keeping finished basements dry and building new foundations. In addition these types of lots often have sloping and rocky topography with highly technical engineering requirements for building. 

When it comes to maintenance, it’s important to have a residential property management professional that understands how to take care of waterfront homes. The salt air and winds coming off the water will ware on the structure and landscaping much quicker than homes that are inland. More frequent inspection, repair and maintenance of roofing, flashing, decking, doors and windows is typically the norm. Greenwich Home Management manages waterfront properties and so we understand what it takes to keep up.

Home Interiors

If you’re building or buying property directly on the waterfront, or positioned just off the water, you’ll want to consider the interior of the home as well. Sand and saltwater will inevitably make its way inside. Flooring, fine rugs, and upholstery can be subject to ware when exposed to these elements. Consider installing an outdoor shower and be sure to have a mudroom space or entry with durable flooring to catch sand. And make it a habit to remove shoes before entering the main space. 


Greenwich is an area with a large population and high frequency of complex home building and renovation projects. Large homes that are built on challenging land require specific permit requirements from the town. It’s critical to have a building partner that understands the local permitting process. At Greenwich Home Management we’ve been managing residential properties and building new homes and renovations for years in Greenwich. As a result we have relationships with town officials as well as an intimate knowledge of the permitting requirements. 

New England Weather

This factor is not unique to Greenwich, however the New England climate is something that homeowners here need to consider. Typical Connecticut seasonal weather factors require ongoing maintenance. Autumn means fall cleanup, gutter cleaning and tree trimming. The winter snow and ice as well as heavy spring rains and summer heat can ware on roofing, flashing, decking, masonry, siding, and other parts of the home. When homeowners are enrolled with Greenwich Home Management property management program they have one point of contact for professionals across all trades.

If you’re considering building a new home or renovating an existing property in Greenwich, CT, it’s important to know the challenges you may face. This way you’ll be prepared when it comes time to build or buy and you’ll know what to expect in terms of ongoing property management requirements. At Greenwich Home Management we’ve helped numerous families navigate the area.  We’ve found that living in this beautiful section of the country is well worth any of the challenges that it may pose. 

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