The Most Expensive Home Maintenance Repairs, Their Costs, and How to Avoid Them

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Homeowners know it’s a just a matter of time before the next home maintenance issue comes up. This is particularly the case in the harsh climate of Greenwich, CT and surrounding Fairfield County. Weather is constantly testing homes. There are ways, however, to prevent small problems from becoming major issues. Bringing in a residential property management company to maintain your home can help keep systems and materials in good condition, and help stave off costly repairs. To help prioritize the items that demand the most attention let’s take a look at repairs that are typically the most expensive.


Roof Repair or Replacement

Replacing an entire roof is a big, costly job, particularly if you have wood or slate roofing. You can extend the life of your roof, and avoid significant repairs, by conducting regular maintenance from a trusted residential property management company. Yearly roof inspections can uncover minor issues that have the potential to get worse down the line. For example, damaged or missing shingles and flashing should be replaced. Trees limbs hanging over the roof should be trimmed. Leaves and debris should be removed from the roof to avoid rotting. And proper ventilation, such as ridgeline, soffit and even cupola vents should be in place, and not blocked. 

Average Cost:$1,200 for a small repair and up to $75,000 for a wood roof replacement. 



Foundation Repair

Foundation issues can be caused by a number of different factors that all revolve around the levels of moisture in the soil. Some of these include poor drainage, poor grading, and/or high levels of clay in the ground. Cracks in the foundation can occur when the soil swells intermittently during heavy rains and melting snow, and then contracts during dry periods. Cracks in the foundation can lead to water infiltration and cause structural issues. These can be costly to fix. If you have an issue like this call a professional to assess the situation. Better yet have someone keep an eye on the foundation and surrounding landscape before there’s a big problem. 


Proper drainage can be maintained with yearly inspection. Your handyman should conduct a thorough cleaning of the gutters once per year. In addition downspouts should be cleared of clogs and the surrounding landscape should be monitored to ensure the grades continually slope away from the house. You should also keep an eye on pooling water. Conditions change, and if you start seeing resting water it’s time to have a professional make a change to ensure the water runs off properly. 

Average Cost: $850 for a superficial crack repair to $20,000 for structural restoration


HVAC Repairs 

The average lifespan of a central air conditioning unit is roughly 12 -15 years. Furnaces last 20 years on average. With regular maintenance, however, these units have the potential to go far beyond that. It is recommended to have your HVAC system inspected, cleaned and tuned once per year. The best time to schedule your AC inspection will be in the early spring before you start heavy use. For the furnace you’ll want to get the inspection done in early fall before the heating season begins. Without proper maintenance small issues can become big issues with big price tags attached. 

Average Cost: $472 for AC, $588 for furnace repairs and approximatly $20,000 for a new furnace


Septic System Replacement

Replacing a septic system can be costly and extremely disruptive to your outdoor space. Investing in maintenance it is well worth it. When it comes to avoiding septic issues some preventative steps can be taken by the homeowner. Others require a residential property management professional that can bring in the right specialists. 

To keep your septic system functioning at peak efficiency never flush anything other than bodily waste and toilet paper. These items will break down with water and diminish with time. This goes for the kitchen sink as well – only water should go down the drain. Food particles and grease are not septic friendly. Have your home maintenance professional schedule a pumping and inspection every one to two years. This will help avoid any issues and ensure the system is functioning properly. 

Average Cost:up to $30,000 for a full septic system replacement and approximately $500 for a yearly pump out


Water Heater Replacement of Repair

Average Cost:$823 to repair and $4,500 to replace  

Water heater issues can lead to flooding and problems can occur when the unit is not maintained. Your home maintenance professional should inspect your water heater yearly. Inspections include checking your shut off valves to make sure they are not broken. In addition joints should be inspected for signs of ware. And it’s always a good idea to flush the system once or twice per year to remove sediments. Failed water heaters are one of the main causes of residential water damage. Regular maintenance can help you avoid getting to that point.


When it comes to home repairs, maintaining is always cheaper than repairing or replacing. Of course finding trusted professionals across the large selection of trades can be time consuming. And it’s hard to know whom to trust.  Using a residential property management company, like Greenwich Home Management, is an excellent option because we have the full range of trusted pros at our fingertips. At Greenwich Home Management we can schedule and monitor all of your regular home maintenance inspections, cleanings, and repairs, so that your property remains in peak working order. 

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