The Value of Home Watch Service When Property Is Unattended in Greenwich, CT

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If you’re a homeowner in Greenwich, CT or a surrounding Fairfield County town, it’s likely that you’ll have periods where your home will be unattended. Whether it’s an extended vacation, you’re selling the property, or the home is an investment or second home, leaving the property unattended can lead to costly issues. At Duffy Home Solutions our Property Management team’s Home Watch services are designed to ensure that your home is safe year-round, and that all systems are operating as they should while you’re not there. Here are a few reasons to invest in home watch: 

Storm Damage and Other Issues

Thunderstorms in Greenwich, CT in the spring and summer and blizzards in winter can cause damage that when left unattended can lead to even larger issues. Our Property Management team has witnessed downed tree limbs and damaged windows and roofing that expose the interior to water. Storms can also blow shingles off the roof and damage flashing, which can also lead to potential water infiltration. And in the winter, snow and ice buildup on roofs can result in ice dams that eventually lead to water leaks. When water gets in, and is left unattended, even small amounts can lead to mold and wood rot.

Storms also bring power outages. When the power goes out your generator may be ready to kick on, but an equipment failure can render it useless. These are the times that Home Watch services from Duffy Home Solutions can be a critical resource.

Our team of experienced home maintenance experts can develop a comprehensive storm plan specifically for the needs of your property. Before the storm we can secure loose items around the house, stow outdoor furniture, and check to make sure all systems are in working order.  We can then inspect the property after the storm to assess for water leaks, damage and mechanical failure.

Mechanical Systems

Your HVAC system is the heart of your home and is key to maintaining a steady temperature and humidity level while you’re not present. A failure of the system can lead to frozen pipes and/or climate damage to valuable art, furnishing and rugs. Frozen pipes that burst are one of the leading causes of property damage during cold weather events.

Sump Pumps are another critical mechanical system. If you’re not around to identify a malfunctioning sump pump, your basement can flood.

Another issue that our Greenwich Property Management team has seen during Home Watch coverage is the malfunctioning of security gates. Gates can get jammed in heavy snow or experience mechanical failure. When this happens, package delivery and home equipment service response can be affected, and a malfunctioning gate can become a safety hazard.

The Duffy Home Solutions Home Watch team can help to ensure that your HVAC, sump pump, security gate, and all other critical mechanical systems are operating as they should while you’re away.

Routine Home Watch Services

In addition to the above items that Home Watch covers, there are a wide range of additional property management services that are included in the program. Some include checking thermostats for proper working order, changing HVAC filters, verifying that lightbulbs have not burned out, watering interior plants, picking up newspapers and flyers, and cleaning outdoor furniture to be ready for the season. We can also answer security alarm calls and act as your liaison between your association, Realtor, or anyone that you authorize.

Other services within the program include regularly flushing toilets, feeding pets, running vehicles periodically, checking for insect infestations, mold, and other potential issues.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is being cared for by professionals who are looking after your best interests. And regular visits to your property can prevent or lessen property damage as well as create a presence in your home in your absence, which can deter intruders.

Uniquely Suited to Provide Home Watch Services

Since Duffy Home Solutions is a full-service property management and luxury home construction company, our Home Watch team can not only monitor your property while you’re away, but in the event of an issue we can immediately dispatch highly qualified Greenwich, CT area home maintenance professionals to fix any mechanical issues or damage. And our team is uniquely qualified to identify and assess issues across the entire property. In addition to our Home Watch service all of your home improvement and maintenance work can be done in your absence, leaving you to enjoy your home once you return. Please reach out to our Home Watch team today for more information.

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